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When there is no mains water supply available, we now have an alternative to using bottles. The O2 Water system is a new, state of the art water generating machine which takes moisture out of thin air and turns it into pure drinking water.

The multi-stage filtration system ensures the purest drinking water, free from chemicals using the “Reverse Osmosis” and the “Ultra Violet” filters, while the “Electrostatic Anti-bacteria and Abti-fungus” filters are cleaning the air in your office.

Our O2 Water Range has the following key benefits:
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Cold water capacity: 3 litres

Cold Temperature: 4C to 8C

Dimensions (mm)

Floor standing: W330 x D350 x H1050 Tabletop:          W330 x D350 x H450


Offering steaming hot filtered water, the Hot Water Tap can produces up to 100 cups of steaming hot water per hour. This tap is both energy efficient and economical, offering a significant cost saving over traditional boiling methods, as well as offering 98°C steaming hot water instantly.

Safe, filtered hot or cold drinking water. Reduces chlorine, lead, and other unpleasant tastes, chemicals and odours from the water.

2.5 Litre Stainless Steel tank dispenses 100 cups of 98ºC water per hour. 1300 watts, heating element.

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