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For the tea drinkers out there this unit will give you boiling hot water which is necessary to make a decent cup of tea! Good looks and well designed provides hot, cold and room temperature filtered water, Integrated tap design and a large capacity output of both hot and cold water.

Our Large Capacity Range has the following key benefits:
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Cold water capacity: 5.5 litres

Cold Temperature: 4C to 8C

Hot water capacity: 5.5 litres

Hot Temperature: 94C with reboil 100C

Dimensions (mm)

Floor standing: W380 x D400 x H1050
When you are dehydrated your attention and         A simple way to check to see if you are dehydrated. A handy way to check if you are drinking enough water; pinch the back of your hand whilst resting it on a flat surface. When you release the pinch, the skin should snap back into place. If it is slow in doing this, you are probably dehydrated.

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