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We will install one of our Water Coolers, so that everyone can try the water. If you are not completely satisfied, we will simply take it away.
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Is Mains Water Safe?
Water quality is safer than it has ever been according to the Drinking Water Inspectorate (the government regulator). The latest DWI report detailed that 99.82% of nearly 2.8 million tests carried out on water showed compliance with the standards. However, while our water is perfectly safe to drink its taste and smell are often affected, principally by the addition of chlorine. Our in-line carbon filter system removes the taste of chlorine making it indistinguishable from bottled water.

Our existing cooler is not near the mains water?

It is not necessary for the mains water to be near the proposed area as our team of trained installation engineers can run the pipes unobtrusively where required. Just give the office a call and arrange a free no-obligation site survey.

We still have 6 months till the end of our contract?

If you are in the middle of a contract with your existing bottle supplier this contract will only be for the rental of the unit not a minimum supply of bottles per month, so if you have 6 months left to run you would still save money by not using it and having one of our units installed. The bottle companies make their money on the water eg. 6 months left on contract 6 x rental of £10 = £60.00 using 1 bottle per week you would still spend £216.00.

Will we have to remember to call you when it needs to be serviced?

No, your details will be entered onto our service database and every six months one of our service engineers will call to service, sanitise and replace the filter.

Are there any hidden charges?

No, all you pay is the annual rental there are no other on-going costs.

What happens if we have a breakdown?

An engineer will be sent normally within 24 hours, with a replacement machine if needed so you will be back up and running without having to wait for any parts or lengthy repairs to be carried out.

Can we use it for hot drinks?

We can supply Hot & Cold units, which are ideal in a busy office, as you do not have to wait for the kettle to boil. We also supply In- Cup Drinks which have the ingredients pre-packed in the cup. Nescafe Gold Blend, PG Tips, Cadburys are some of the brands and at a cost of only 10 pence per drink they are excellent value for money and of course no more washing up cups.